Published poems goes from oldest at the top to the most recent at the bottom for each publication. List of poems are grouped by magazine.

Northampton Community College Laconic {April 2015-April 2019}
"A History Nerd's Romance" {Spring 2015; Issue #11}
"Where Everybody Knew Your Name" {Spring 2015; Issue #11}
"The Historian's Requrium" {Autumn 2015; Issue #12}
"Iago Reprised" {Spring 2016; Issue #13}
"A Sonnet for Her" {Spring 2016; Issue #13}
"Colonial Break-up" {Autumn 2016; Issue #14}
"Northern Virginia is No More" {Spring 2017; Issue #15}
"Hook or By Crook: A Captain Remembers" {Autumn 2017; Issue #16}
"Pennsyltucky Blues" {Autumn 2017; Issue #16}
"The Thoughts of a Clustered Mind" {Spring 2018; Issue #17}
"The Stage of Life" {Spring 2018; Issue #17}
"Dancing with Mr. Hyde" {Fall 2018; Issue #18}
"The Time Traveling Poet" {Fall 2018; Issue #18}
"The Buddha of Naples" {Spring 2019; Issie #19}
The Blue Nib
"The Time Traveling Poet" {Late August 2017; Issue #10}
Divine Choir on Earth & Heaven: Poetry Anthology {Vol. II}
"Gabriel's Message" {October 2018}
"Michael at Jericho" {October 2018}
"Jealousy of Angels" {October 2018}

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